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lovebelowstairs's Journal

Love Below Stairs
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Community for fans of the Staff at Downton Abbey
This is a community dedicated to the relationships downstairs at Downton Abbey.

Discussion, fanfiction , icons,picspams and videos are welcome.


When posting fiction, please put the bulk of it under an LJ CUT with its rating and any relevant warnings.

Posts long enough to activate the scroll bar should be placed under an LJ cut to save peoples friends lists be swamped.

Spoilers are allowed, but are to CLEARLY marked as such and once again, put under an LJ cut. Anything for unaired episodes is to be considered a spoiler and so the above rule applies.

Please tag your entries, to make it easier for people to navigate around the community.

Posts about the actors/actresses are also welcomed. For example, upcoming roles you think the community would be interested in.

Welcome to the community, we hope you will have fun here, any further questions do not hesitate to PM one of the mods.

Fanfic featuring only the Crawley family can be posted at downtonabbey

Drabbles/ficlets featuring all characters and ships can be posted at downton100

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