FIC: Unexpected (Carson/Hughes)
So, it's been a while but the combination of Season 6 related plot bunnies and a few days holiday...

Title: Unexpected
Rating: PG
Spoilers: SEASON 6 in concept rather than details - definitely AU
Genre: Angst. Lots of Angst. But only to balance out the cannon fluff.
Characters: Elsie centric ensemble piece

She found him in her sitting room. There had been nothing amiss, no indication than anything was wrong as she'd come through the house checking on her maids and his footmen as she did first thing every morning. No one asked her if she'd seen him, no one seemed to be looking for him. There had been no warning.
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As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

Two Anna/Bates Fanfics
A million things that I'm committed to write...Hey, let me try a new fandom and pairing!  (FADD = Fandom Attention Deficite Disorder)

Linked back to my LJ:

Title: The Heart of the Woman

Author: bugs

Rating: K+

Word Count: 2,400

Pairing: Bates/Anna

Spoilers: S1 and S3
Summary: A courtship happens at tableside over teacups, mending, and poetry.
A/N: Some S1 UST and Highlands fluff to fight off any S4 blues.

Title: The First Light
Author: bugs
Rating: T
Word Count: 1700
Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance, UST
Characters: Mary, Anna Friendship; Anna/Bates; a whiff of Mary/Matthew
Spoilers: Through S4.7 but not in great detail.
Summary: Two friends trying to find their way free from their pain.

bsg ub boxing close up
Title: One Month to Know
Author: Aussie
Rated: T
(3800) words

Oneshot I wrote for Cami's birthday. It's a young!Elsie and Charles fic, and something that hopefully explains JF's crazy canon that Mrs Hughes never saw Mary grow up.

Season 4 Musical
bsg ub boxing close up
Has everyone seen this? Carson/Hughes and Anna/Bates are just hilarious. :)

Fic: A Shopping List

Title: A Shopping List
Rating: T
Word Count: ~500

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Title: Arrangements
Rating: K
Word Count: ~500
A/N: This started as an idea I was kicking around about Anna and Bates, but then when it got down to it, I wanted to tell this story first. So, I present to you my first Carson/Hughes fic! Sorry for the lame title; I'm rubbish at titles.

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A Dance for Mr. Bates
Title: A Dance for Mr. Bates
Pairing: Bates/Anna
Rating: K
Word Count: ~1000
Synopsis:  Set during 3x09 (i.e. the Christmas Special) following Anna's dance at the Ghillies' Ball.
A/N: I'm new around here, though I may be familiar to some of you from the BSG fandom. I've recently found this brilliant show, and I'm very excited to join in the fun! I hope you enjoy this modest contribution. Many thanks to akachankami for the invitation to post here!
A/N2: I'd be grateful if a moddy could help with my tags! I miss-tagged it the first time, inadvertently adding what was no doubt a shipwar tag. But now lj's being a pain and won't let me get rid of it!

She was, as she began to move about the floor, giddy with excitement and wracked by nerves.Collapse )


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